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Clinical trials are essential to the advancement of medical science. Without patients, trials cannot run and we will be without new medications and therapies which can benefit society as a whole.

As doctors, you are in the unique and invaluable position of identifying when a patient may qualify for and/or benefit from participating in a clinical trial.

Some benefits to you and the patient include:

  • Your patients will always be referred back to you for all intercurrent illnesses and other routine check-ups during a trial, as well as after the trial is over for ongoing treatment.
  • Your patient will get a full medical work-up which often includes blood tests. These results can be made available to you with the permission of your patient.
  • Your patient may receive a medication that is not commercially available in South Africa that improves their illness.
  • You have the exciting opportunity to assist with the development of new therapies for the advancement of medical science.

Please contact us to find out more about the process of referring a patient to us, what trials are currently ongoing and for any other questions you have about clinical trials.


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