Find out if you are eligible for a clinical trial. All studies are carefully designed to safeguard the health of the participant and all studies are approved by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) as well as an independent Ethics Committee prior to implementation.

The Clinresco Facilities

Our home, connecting people to clinical trials

We occupy 18 rooms of the first floor of the Central Professional Suites building

Our facilities include:

  • Patient waiting lounge with refreshments.
  • Four patient examination rooms, two of which are also equipped as procedure rooms, and all with patient examination beds.
  • Emergency trolley, stocked to SAHPRA standards, and with supplemental oxygen.
  • Arwyp Private Hospital’s Emergency Department is situated conveniently across the road from our premises.
  • Two investigator work stations.
  • Offices for 3 study co-ordinators.
  • General manager’s office.
  • Office for the General Practitioner/investigator.
  • Dispensary for investigational products (IP), with areas to store IP at 15-25°c and 2-8°c.
  • Office for pharmacist with additional consulting / IP administration area to ensure patient privacy.
  • Work station for the financial officer.
  • Laboratory for blood processing (including centrifuges, incubator and freezer), urinalysis and preparation for international or local shipment.
  • Room for study monitors / meetings / training for 8 – 10 persons.
  • Monitor’s work stations (maximum of three monitors per day).
  • Storage room for participant source documents – access controlled.
  • General storage for sponsor supplied study related materials – steel cupboards allocated per study.
  • Interim archiving facility (± for 6 months after site close-out, then outsourced).
  • Ablutions.
  • Kitchen.


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