Clinresco Centres occupies more than 300 square meters (19 rooms) of the fourth floor of the Arwyp Medical Suites Building and our facilities consist of the following:

  • Patient waiting lounge with refreshments
  • Four patient examination rooms (five patient examination beds) of which three are also equipped as procedure rooms
  • Emergency trolley and available oxygen – Hospital ER within 200m of Clinresco facilities
  • Two investigator work stations
  • Offices for four study coordinators
  • Site Manager’s office
  • Office for the General Practitioner/investigator
  • Dispensary for investigational products (IP) (15-25oC and 2-8oC)
  • Office for pharmacist with additional consulting/IP administration area to ensure patient privacy
  • Work station for financial assistant
  • Laboratory for blood processing (including centrifuges, incubator and freezer), urinalysis and preparation for international or local shipment
  • Room for study monitors/meetings/training for 8 – 10 persons
  • Monitor’s work stations (maximum of three monitors per day)
  • Storage room for participant source documents – access controlled
  • General storage for sponsor supplied study related materials – steel cupboards allocated per study
  • Interim archiving facility (± for 6 months after site close-out, then outsourced)
  • Ablutions
  • Kitchen